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Take an hour's drive north from Mount Magnet to experience Cue and its fascinating history. The scene of a huge gold rush during the late 1890s, this area is a tribute to the past. Many magnificent buildings constructed at the turn of the century still stand and are classified by the National Trust.

The gentleman's club (now the shire office), the Cue Hotel, the government buildings, post office, court house, and police station are still being used for their original purpose, as is Bell's Emporium, a shop from yesteryear still run in the old style.

From the ruins of once-splendid stone buildings constructed over a century ago to the carpets of beautiful wildflowers from July to September, Cue is a great town to explore. Situated 48 kilometres west of Cue is Walga Rock, approximately one and a half kilometres long and five kilometres around its base.

One of the caves in the rock contains Aboriginal paintings including one believed to depict the Dutch ships that visited the mid-west coast of Western Australia in the seventeenth century. Worth a look is the outstanding photographic display housed in the shire office that portrays the past history of the Cue area. Hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast accommodation is available in town, and farm stays are offered nearby.

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