Geraldton is the main coastal town along the Central West Coast of Western Australia. Geraldton has a rugged and attractive coastline. There are a number of things to do in Geraldton and the surrounding area.

Initially established as a base for mining, farming and then as a convict settlement, Geraldton became a busy port during the Murchison gold rush and then the centre for wheat farming in the surrounding wheat belt.

Geraldton was used as a base during World War II but today, Geraldton remains a busy hub for wheat storage and transportation. Its other key industries are tourism, fishing and sheep.

GeraldtownGeraldton has beaches, including one right in the city centre known as Town Beach. Most of the local beaches are safe for swimming and on weekends Mahomets Beach has surf patrols. The climate is mostly sunny but the winds can get blustery, making the beaches great for surfing and windsurfing.

To find out about the history of Geraldton and the many offshore shipwrecks, head to the interesting Geraldton Museum. It is also worth visiting the excellent Geraldton Art Gallery. Another aspect of Geraldton is its lobster fishing. You can find out about this on the Lobster Factory Tour at Geraldton Fishermans Co-op.

One other fabulous building which you shouldn't miss is the stunning St Francis Xavier Cathedral. The Cathedral was designed by an architect/priest called John Hawes in 1916, although wasn't completed until 1938. It is wonderful to see, as the architecture is fantastic.

Geraldton NightlifeFrom Geraldton a popular day trip is out to the Abrolhous Islands, which are just off of the coastline. You can also head inland to the gorgeous hinterland, or take a scenic flight over the area.

There is plenty of accommodation around Geraldton, including hostels and hotels. There is also a pretty lively nightlife and a wide selection of different restaurants, with many places situated along or off of Marine Terrace

Geraldton Accommodation

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