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Dandaragan is the centre for a thriving rural community, 154 kilometres or just one and three quarter hours drive north of Perth. The district boasts lush pastures and abundant crops, produced from the rich farming lands. The characteristic red gum and white gum trees and a spectacular array of spring wildflowers also complement the area.

Travelling through Dandaragan the visitor can observe the diversity of farming in the area, ranging from wildflowers, olives, and citrus to viticulture and many other forms of alternative agriculture. 'Dandaragan Way', the scenic drive from Regan's Ford to Badgingarra or to the Brand Highway via Waddi Bush Resort also presents many opportunities to view historic buildings nestled in the majestic landscape, permanently flowing creeks and abundant wildlife including flocks of white cockatoos (corellas).

Visit the local buildings including historic St Anne's Church and Aggie's Cottage. Popular tourist attractions include Dandaragan Catholic Cemetery, Yandin Lookout, marron farms, wildflower farms, Pioneer Park and a number of first class sporting facilities.

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