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Forty minutes northeast of Perth along Toodyay Road is the town of Gidgegannup. Gidgegannup is a very scenic rural area with nature reserves and large farming properties, smaller hobby farms and an abundance of wildflowers in the spring.

Just north of the Gidgegannup town site is Noble Falls. The Falls are a wonderful place to picnic, especially in springtime when the water is flowing and the bush along the walking trails is bright with colourful wildflowers. Gidgegannup's places to dine include a restaurant and a fish and chip shop.

There is a tourist information board at the parking bay in the centre of Gidgegannup. There are two bed and breakfast properties offering accommodation. One is on a 75 acre donkey farm and another is at an artist's retreat where you can swim and canoe in the property's lake.

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