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Nestled in the north eastern section of the Avon Valley area, Goomalling is a 90 minute drive from Perth via either Northam or Toodyay. Goomalling is the gateway to the wildflower areas to the east and north and is ideally located on a loop route visiting Toodyay, Goomalling, Northam and York from Perth.

The Oak Park Reserve is a flora and fauna reserve which lies 15 kilometres north of Goomalling and is a particularly attractive picnic area during spring when wildflowers are in abundance. Picnic and barbeque facilities are available. Lying adjacent to two lakes, the park supports a variety of wildlife. A distinguishing aspect of the Oak Park Reserve is the presence of Gnamma holes (holes made by Aboriginal people for collection of water in earlier days).

Commonly known as 'The Homestead', Slater Homestead was built in approximately 1860 by George Slater, the first settler in Goomalling. The picturesque dwelling captures the attention of many passers by. In pioneering days 'The Homestead' became a wayside inn, providing refreshments and hay to explorers, surveyors, and travellers.

The Railway Station and Museum are fine examples of buildings constructed in the early 1900s. Appointments available by phone on (08) 9629 1101. Drinks, wholesome meals and accommodation are available at the local taverns. The caravan park also provides accommodation.

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