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Mingenew is located in the heart of wheat belt and wildflower country on Midlands Road, five hours' drive north of Perth. Nobody knows exactly what Mingenew means, some popular beliefs are either the Aboriginal work 'Mininoo' meaning place of many waters or 'minyanoo' meaning place of many ants.

Mingenew Hill is a tree covered red rock monolith. The summit affords breathtaking views of the Irwin Valley and is well worth the climb. Walk trails taking you through beautiful areas of wildflowers (in season) are found throughout the town site.

See colourful murals on town buildings, visit the museum and have a photograph taken with the giant wheat stalk sculpture in Cecil Newton Park. Coalseam Conservation Park, located in close proximity to Mingenew, was the first coal deposit to be discovered in the State.

In the wildflower season a carpet of pink, gold, cream and white everlastings transforms the usually sparse understorey of wattle scrub. It is a perfect spot for a picnic, or a day out discovering one of nature's most exquisite landmarks.

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