Circular Quay

Circular Quay is situated around Sydney Cove, once a shipping region, but now a transport, leisure and recreational centre. It is made up of walkways, parks and restaurants and hosts a number of ferry quays and a train station.

There are a couple of art galleries on Circular Quay, The Museum of Contemporary Art in an art deco building, and the grand looking Customs House. Circular Quay is also home to one of Australia's most famous icons the Sydney Opera House.

On the east side of Circular Quay are its many restaurants and stylish boutiques, along with the large Dendy Cinema. On the western side of Circular Quay is the famous Rocks area with a number of quaint shopping arcades and pretty restaurants.

Circular QuayMacquarie Place can be found along several narrow lanes leading from Circular Quay to the centre. A number of historic points can be found here, including a cannon and anchor from the HMS Sirius, the first fleet ship, and an Obelisk which states various distances.

East of the square is the Old Government House, built in 1788, now home to the Museum of Sydney. There are some wonderful displays about the history of Sydney within the Museum of Sydney.

Other nearby places to visit include the Customs House offering views of Sydney, design exhibitions and wonderful galleries, and the Justice and Police Museum.

Circular Quay Accommodation

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