Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a natural harbour on the East Coast of Australia in Sydney, New South Wales.

Originally the area surrounding Sydney Harbour was home to a variety of aboriginal tribes. Captain James Cook was the first person to find Sydney Harbour in 1770. Captain Cook did not go into the harbour, but sailed past the entrance on his way north up the East Coast of Australia. Cook named Sydney Harbour after Sir George Jackson. European settlement started on January 26, 1788, when Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet arrived from England.

Sydney Harbour is also the location of the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney HarbourSydney Harbour reaches 20km inland where it meets the Parramatta River. It is called Port Jackson. The Harbour makes up a large part of the cities atmosphere, being a busy port and lively recreational area, offering swimming, sailing, walks and picnics amongst its beaches, islands, parks and waters.

Sydney HarbourThe North and South Headlands mark the entrance to the harbour. The city can be found 8km inland. There are some great places all around the harbour from which you can get a great shot of the Sydney Harbour. A great place to view the harbour is from one of the headlands or from a boat. There are a number of ferry tours and sailing trips which you can go on.

There are also several small coves and beaches along the coast, including Camp Cove, Nielsen Park and Lady Bay (a nude beach), which are accessible by bus number 325 from Watson Bay.

Along the North Shore are some larger beaches including Balmoral accessible by bus numbers 247 then 257 from Wynyard, Chinaman's Beach accessible by bus numbers 175 or 178 from Wynyard, Clontarf accessible by bus numbers 131 or 132 from Wynyard and Manly Cove and Reef Beach both accessible on bus numbers 175 or 178 from Wynyard.

Sydney HarbourThere are also a number of small islands inside of the Sydney Harbour including Clarke Island, Goat Island, Port Denison, Rodd Island, and Shark Island. If you would like to visit these Islands, then you should book through the Sydney Harbour National Parks Information Centre in the Rocks Ph:(02) 9247 5033.

A great way to see Sydney Harbour is on one of its many cruises. Captain Cook Cruises is one of the main cruise boats around the Sydney Harbour offering many different daytime and evening cruises. There are great photo opportunities, with vies of both the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Gardens.

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