Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is steel bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries traffic between the Sydney CBD and the North Shore.The Bridge was finished on Saturday 19th March 1932 and opened by Jack Lang, costing $20 million.

All types of people use the bridge with access to cyclists on the West side and pedestrians on the East side, as well as vehicles.

The bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world being 134 metres high, 49 metres wide with a curve of 503 metres. The bridge has six million rivets in total, and weighs 52,800 tonnes. It stretches from Dawes Point on one side of the Sydney Harbour to Milsons Point on the other.

Sydney Harbour BridgeIt is definitely worth climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which starts from within a stone pylon at one end, then travels along the top of the structure, where there are spectacular views. Tours run all day and throughout the evening, although you should book in advance at BridgeClimb on Cumberland Street in The Rocks.

Sydney Harbour BridgeDue to the height that you will be walking cameras can not be taken, and all loose articles must be removed (lockers are provided). You will also be tested for alcohol, by a breathalyser. However, you can purchase souvenir photographs at the end of your tour.

Harbour BridgeThere is also a great Pylon Lookout and interesting Museum found in the Pylon closest to The Rocks

You can get to it from a walkway leading off of Cumberland Street in The Rocks which also continues all the way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are also great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from The Rocks.

As well as the Sydney Harbour Bridge the Harbour Tunnel also links the North to the South, joining the Highway to the North, and leaving about 1km South of the Sydney Opera House in the South.

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