Along the North Coast you'll come across Manly a wonderful 'holiday' resort, in the true sense of the word with all the cheesiness that comes along with it. The Corso is a pedestrian mall which leads to the beach. Steyne Road runs North and South along the coast. There is also a footpath that makes a really nice walk from South Steyne, around the headland to Fairy Bower Beach and Shelly Beach Cove.

On West Esplanade on the shore, are the Manly Art Gallery and Museum and Oceanworld. The art gallery is open from 10.00am - 5.00pm, focusing its displays on the beach itself. Oceanworld offers a seal show, sharks and sting rays which are fed in the tank by divers at 11.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is open at 10.00am closing at 5.30pm.

Manly Accommodation

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