Low Head is five kilometres north of George Town on the north coast of Tasmania. Located on the eastern side of the Tamar River, this small town is home to Australia's oldest continuously operating pilot station.

Classified as an historic town, the Pilot Station Maritime Museum boasts an impressive collection of maritime memorabilia including early diving equipment and items from the countless shipwrecks off this coast. The lighthouse was built in 1888 to replace the former convict-built lighthouse and the surrounding grounds offer beautiful views out across the Tamar River mouth.

Low Head is popular among locals as a holiday destination with safe swimming beaches and excellent surfing at East Beach. You can also join a nocturnal tour and watch fairy penguins as they come up the beach to nest at dusk.

Low Head LighthouseThe Low Head lighthouse is also popular with tourists as it is situated next to Tasmanias only foghorn. It is a 'Type G' diaphone foghorn which is the only operable horn of its type.

The foghorn was installed in April 1929 and it was used during foggy or bad weather conditions for more than forty years, today it is sounded every Sunday at noon.

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