Mt William National Park

Mt William is 216 metres high and has amazing views across the beaches and coastal landscape within the Mt William National Park. The park is full of wildlife, in particular the Forester Kangaroo, which is now protected within the park. There are also plenty of birds, and so bird watching is a popular activity.

There is a fantastic lighthouse at Eddystone Point, which is worth visiting. There is a great picnic area here, as well as a pleasant beach. Other good beaches include Cape Naturaliste and Stumpys Bay, which both welcome surfers and swimmers. Boat fishing is also popular in this area.

The only freshwater in the park can be found at Deep Creek, where you can camp. There are other places where you are allowed to camp, although you will need your own supplies and a gas cooker as fire bans do occur. You can get to the park from both St Helens, in the south and Bridport and Gladstone along the north coast.

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