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Adavale is located approximately 100 kilometres north east of Quilpie. The township was proclaimed on 3 December 1872 and by 1897 five hotels soothed the dusty throats of travellers and locals alike. The mail coach Cobb and Co stopped in the town on its way from Charleville via Cheepie to Windorah.

The name Adavale has been said to derive from the horse and buggy days when in 1870 a Mr Stevens, who later became Member of Warrego 1879 to 1922 and State Treasurer, was out driving with his wife when the veil from her hat blew away. It is believed he called out 'there goes Ada's veil' hence the crossing was Ada's Veil Crossing and subsequently Adavale.

Today Adavale is a much smaller township with a population of only twelve people. An Artesian bore supplies water and the town has rural power. The town is well worth a look as it is a town filled with history, stories and memories. The locals have done a marvellous job celebrating their history, culture and dry Outback humour. A mini museum, in the old butcher house, displays local relics from more than a century ago.

Temperatures for Adavale

Adavale has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Adavale is approximately 36 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 22 °c.

Adavale has warm winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Adavale is approximately 21 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 6 °c.

January 22 36
February 22 35
March 20 33
April 15 29
May 10 24
June 7 21
July 5 20
August 7 23
September 11 27
October 15 31
November 18 35
December 21 37

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