At the intersection of two major stock routes, an outback town was born thriving undoubtedly because of a river's course which gave the town its name. Cunnamulla is an Aboriginal term for 'long stretch of water' and the river is the Warrego - a great place for boating, fishing or swimming.

Cunnamulla is the supply town for travellers heading further west, perhaps in search of a splash of colour, for out past Eulo is opal country.

The town was established to service the huge sheep and cattle properties, one of which was Tinnenburra, at one stage claiming the largest shearing shed in the world, with 101 shearing stands. In 1858 William Landsborough's expedition aroused interest, attracting graziers who opened up the west. The history of wool records vast tonnage transported out of the area, down to Bourke, then carried aboard paddle steamers en route to coastal ports for shipment overseas.

Cobb and Co coaches were the main people movers of the nineteenth century, with services commencing in 1867. Just 20 years later, the railway took over the transportation of freight and then people. Cunnamulla has one of only two covered railway platforms in Queensland. The other is in Normanton.

At Cunnamulla, join the Heritage Trail and discover its historical sites such as the Post Office (1868), the Saddlery, Trappers Inn, the Blacksmith, the State School (1885) and St Catherine's Convent (1914). Then there is the Robber's Tree down at the southern end of Stockyard Street. This is the tree which the 1880 bank robber, Joseph Wells, climbed to hide from the law. Barking dogs drew attention to his lair.

Cunnamulla is the southern gateway to the Matilda Highway and lies at the crossroads to the Adventure Way travelling west to Eulo and the Yowah Opal Fields and on to Thargomindah and Innamincka.

Temperatures for Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Cunnamulla is approximately 35 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 21 °c.

Cunnamulla has warm winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Cunnamulla is approximately 20 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 7 °c.


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